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Forming Flag Football TEAM's NOW


Passing and Catching Series


 Next Clinic is  February 8th-Click Link For Details

C Sports Nation is all about helping youth grow and improve so their experience with the sport is positive. Part of that is having clinics and skills training to help. Here is your chance to help your young athlete improve to make the game experience even better when playing next season. All clinics are inside. 

The first series (7 sessions) 

The flyer tells you how many sessions remaining, Passing and catching will work on the following:

  • Ball Skills and catching drills to more consistently make pressure catches.
  • Understanding the DNA of routes and how to run more precise routes (Div2,3&4)
  • YAC (Yards After the Catch)
  • Understanding space and how to create it
  • Live routes with Quarterbacks
  • Competitions

Work with C Sports Nation Coaches

You will work directly with our NFL Flag Football USA Football Certified Coaches to  accelerate and ensure the players readiness for the upcoming season

Inspiring the right way


 When C Sports Nation was created the heart of the program was designed  around the desire to help youth discover the best parts about getting  involved in sports and activities. That is why we are partnering with  XrossWay Fitness & Life Center  in Twin Falls.   It has been proven that programs designed around  encouragement and support will produce feelings of success. Xrossway  understands this mission and so do we! We are on a mission to help our  kids overcome challenges, through positive interactions  with coaches and mentors who focus on the gifts and talents of each  individual.  This unique opportunity welcomes all kids from all walks of  life! Let us put them on a team, connect them to each other, focus on  their strengths and build them up.  Sign up today!  

Click here to See full Passing and Catching Series Flyer

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C Sports Nation Offering

NFL Flag Football


The Fall 2019 season was a success. Over 128 athletes in the first season. The best, most complete NFL Flag Football league is now in Twin Falls. We will have a combine for each season, and a draft.. Yes a draft!!! 

Spring season kick off is April 25th 2020 at Sunway Soccer Complex. 

FUN is the key word around here.. #areyouready


coming soon

Cheer Clinics with local High School Cheer TEAM's.

Canyon Ridge- completed January 4th

Light House- Febuary-TBA

Twin Falls-March

Canyon Ridge Camp-April

C Run


This is the Running Division for C Sports Nation. 5k June 2020