Become part of a great TEAM. 


Becoming an official for C sports Nation is the easiest call you’ll ever make. We are looking for those seasoned officials as well as the next generation of leaders in the community, the JR's and SR's in high school (DREAM TEAM). Officials protect the integrity of the games for our youth by demonstrating qualities like honesty, objectivity,  consistency, courage and common sense. They have the opportunity to help  youth learn life lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Consider the many benefits of becoming an official for C Sports Nation:

  • You’ll be a role model for the youth in your community  
  • It’s a great way to stay in good physical condition  
  • Hours are flexible -Saturday morning games
  • Hours that will count towards community service project hours
  • You’ll earn extra income if qualified 
  • You’ll expand your network of friends and have fun



These high school JR's and SR's will be the next generation of leaders in this community.  C Sports Nation is committed to helping you grow professionally and personally on this journey with the help of our C Sports Nation community partners. 

Some DREAM TEAM members will become future assistant or even head coaches of their very own team in the future. Let's see how you do in this role and how you grow to become a coach.

What will a Dream TEAM referee learn?

· Valuable Team-Building skills to create synergy 

· Methods and Styles of Leadership to inspire others

· Effective Communication techniques

· Problem-solving Skills

· Time Management

· Basic fundamentals of coaching youth

Begin the Application Process

Click the link and fill out the information. Parents will need to approve for JR's/SR's  under 18.

We want only the BEST



What it takes to be an official  

Officials  play an incredibly important role in youth flag football: calling a  fair game that emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship and player safety. To  perform the role, you need:       

  • To be physically fit — you’ll be doing a lot of running
  • Mental toughness: the ability to concentrate and to keep your cool
  • Knowledge of all the rules (we help with that)
  • Knowledge of all the referee signals (we help with that, too)
  • The ability to handle people, from players to parents to coaches